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  About Us :

QuranMaster.Com is an International Online Quran Academy which serves Muslims of different countries. We Provide the service of Online tutoring for Holy Quran, Hadith, Tafseer, Tajweed & Islamic Banking. Our Prime objective is to spread the knowledge of the Holy Quran and other Islamic Sciences in the world. Our well trained and qualified teachers having a strong background of Islamic and Modern Sciences teach quality online education of Quran, Hadith, Fiqh and many other Islamic fields of studies.

  Our Tutors:

Our tutors are highly qualified and experienced in contemporary and Islamic education. In addition to their own knowledge and skill they are provided a complete technical and teaching training before they start teaching. Our management arranging monthly training programs/refresher courses for the tutors to keep them updated according to their student needs. We are also checking the performance of our student by monthly conducting the monthly exam to maintain the quality of our education. Different students have different abilities of learning, there for we give special attention to the weak-minded students.

  Qari Rab Nawaz:

- PHD (Tafsir & Quranic Science)
- M Phil (Tafsir & Quranic Science)
- M. A. Arabic
- M. A. Islamic Studies
- B.A (H) Islamic studies
- Diploma of Associate Engineer (Mechanical Technology)
- Shahadat-ul- Alamia (Dars-e-Nizami)
- Qirat-e-Sabaa and Ashra (Seven and Ten Style of the Quranic Readings)
  [Permission (Ijazah) in Qirat-e-Sabaa and Ashra]
- Tajweed-ul-Quran
-Hifzul Quran



  Mr  Farooq Nawaz Khan

-Masters in Islamic Studies
-Masters in Arabic
-Masters in Islamic Banking & Finance
-BA (HONS) in Computer Math
-National Hifz o Qirat Competition Gold medalist 1999
-Email:nawaz254@gmail.com  Skype ID:  nawaz254

  Zahoor Alam

-MPhil (Comparative Religion)
-Master in Islamic Studies.
-B.A (H) Islamic studies
-Mulvi Fazil Course
-Shahadat-ul- Alamia (Dars-e-Nizami)
-Qirat-e-Sabaa and Ashra (Seven and Ten Style of the Quranic Readings)
-Hifzul Quran

Molana Mufti Muhammad Faheem


        Mphil (Hadith & its Sciences)

        M.A (Islamic studies)

        Shahadatul Alamia (Darse Nizami)

        Tajweedul Quran

        Hifzul Quran




Features :

  • Skilled and well-mannered teachers

  • Concentration on the moral values of your child

  • Essential Islamic Teaching for children with each course

  • Students supervision by the Specialists and highly educated staff in both Islamic and contemporary education

  • Learn at Home through One to One live class

  • Fee Concession for each student of one family and new Muslims

  • Refer us to a friend and get special discount on Monthly Fee

  • 24 hours service & Availability of class timing at your own choice